I wanna start my review by saying I was very concerned about Mr. Chivis when I looked into him. I could not find a lot of info on him and I was concerned about being scammed money as I have read so many horror stories! But I was completely wrong. When you do your first meeting with the office it is done with his paralegal. And the office is quite hard to find. But the ladies in the office are super nice and accommodating. I voiced my concerns about not meeting Mr. Chivis and he quickly gave me a personal phone call. He does work in other cities as well. I felt like Mr. Chivis stayed in constant contact with me updating me on how my case was coming along. We met at the court hearing and he was very informative of how the hearing would go. And afterwards has continued to be informative about how my case was coming along. I would highly recommend Mr. Chivis for any bankruptcy case. I’m sure he handles other types of cases just as well but I can’t really give a review over that!!